Crack Filling

How To Deal With Driveway Cracks



“I don’t like the cracks on my driveway . Where do they come from?”

Cracks are a common driveway occurrence. Once the asphalt breaks down and water gets in the crevices, the water freezes and expands causing the asphalt to break. Cracks can range from minor to extreme, the worst of which is what we in the industry call “alligator cracking”



Salt eats away at your asphalt and breaks down which results in cracking
Rain will seep into crevices and soften the asphalt from under the surface
When water gets into the cracks and freezes it causes the cracks to stretch and expand
The hot sun softens up your asphalt and slowly breaks it down

“My driveway is new and looks great. I would like to keep it this way.”

To successfully prevent your asphalt from falling victim against cracks, it is necessary to seal your driveway on a regular basis (1-2 years). Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the longevity of your driveway. Without proper care, your once durable pavement surface will have its life expectancy decreased dramatically.

“I don’t want my driveway to get any worse then it is. How can it be revived?”

Allow SOA to fill in those cracks and patch up those potholes. These repairs will save you a substantial amount in maintenance costs such as replacing the asphalt.


Driveway Crack Repair & Process

“What process and products does Seal of Approval use?”

  • All cracks are cleared of debris
  • Two variations of special crack filling solvents are used depending on the size of the crack.
  • One solvent is a high grade commercial liquid crack filler.
  • The other is a specially formulated product that is unlike any other used in Ontario. It is a direct heat rubberized crack and joint sealer.  The product is melted directly into the crack
  • The material we use is similar to what you would see on all major roads and highways
  • When cracks have broken away pieces of your asphalt we will remove all debris and patch it with commercial grade cold asphalt


 Please keep in mind that the cracking will spread and increase in size if not repaired.