Asphalt Patchwork

  • Driveway Cracks And Damage Near Drainpipe Areas around drainpipes are succeptible to damage from water and snowmelt. Cracks form and grow causing further damage to your driveway.
  • Freshly Patched and Filled Driveway Around Drainpipe Damage Seal of Approval Fills Cracks And Missing Chunks of Asphalt To Provide A Lasting Repair And Prevent Further Damage To Your Driveway Around Drainpipes
  • Pothole Forming On Walkway Near Garden Wall Potholes form as the result of water pooling in low areas along your driveway. Spots like these typically get worse, especially in the winter time.
  • Filled In Driveway Potholes Potholes should be filled in to stop water from pooling and causing further damage. After filling in cracks and potholes, we recommend a fresh coat of sealant be applied to your asphalt to protect from further damage.
  • Basketball Court Before This Basketball Court Had Seen Better Days
  • Freshly Sealed Basketball Court After A Bit Of Patchwork And A Fresh Coat Of Seal, This Basketball Court Was Ready For Game Time.
  • Patchwork Under Leaky Air Conditioner Water From The Weather Or Leaky Air Conditioner Units Can Wreak Havoc On Your Asphalt Walkways And Driveways. Seal Of Approval Can Patch Up And Seal Any Damaged Asphalt And Get It Looking Good As New.
  • Patched and Sealed Driveway When repairing your driveway, it is best to apply sealant after any patchwork to ensure the entire driveway is protected.
  • Patched Driveway Large cracks may form and leave chunks of your driveway loose or even missing. We fill in small cracks with rubberized joint compound and use commercial-grade cold asphalt to fill in patches.