Seal of Approval provides competitive pricing strategies based on industry research.  Given our experience, superior material, modern equipment and professional (never rushed) workmanship, Seal of Approval has fair and reasonable pricing on par with our competitors.



Seal Deal

Superior Seal Deal

1 $150 $180
2 $170 $200
3 $190 $220
4 $210 $240
5 or more $Call $Call
* These are base prices. Prices may vary with some lots.

THE SEAL DEAL: The standard package includes a thorough removal of all dirt and debris and driveway sealing. The Seal Deal is suited for newer or well maintained driveways that have not formed any visible cracks. ×

THE SUPERIOR SEAL DEAL: The upgraded package adds a professional application of commercial-grade crack-filler material. This package is suited for all aged driveways that have begun to crack. The Superior Seal Deal offers homeowners the best and most comprehensive driveway maintenance protection.×