What Makes Seal Of Approval The Right Choice For Your Driveway?

What is the difference between driveway sealing companies?


Getting the best price you can get in the market is a good feeling. This feeling is only positive when everyone is playing fair. Unfortunately, contractors playing fair is not very common. This is why it is essential that you research any contractor before you agree with any projects on your home. SOA’s price is the best in the market with the services we provide. Remember, if you happen to get a “good deal” it may be due to a lack of quality in workmanship (rushed work). However, in this industry many times it will be because of compromised material. Below you will find some information about our professionalism and standards

High Quality Sealant and Materials

  • Seal of Approval uses a tar based sealer.
  • It is a commercial grade sealant that is similar to that which is used at airports
  • Our product provides the best protection and bond to your asphalt

    WARNING – Some competitors will “water down” their sealant. A process that stretches the sealant to its limits and results in limited protection and faded colours. As well as damaging and minimizing the longevity of the asphalt

Top-Tier Workmanship

  • Seal of Approval’s technicians are extremely thorough with all the work and repairs they perform.
  • We treat all of our customers like family and being that we are “family” we do not want to do an unsatisfactory job
  • The seal-coating business is a “return customer” based business. As sealing your driveway is highly recommended every 1-2 years, we want to make sure your driveway is repaired and sealed to the best of our ability. Developing a continuing and trustworthy relationship with each and every customer is of the utmost importance.

The Right Equipment For The Job

  • Many of our competitors use old methods, equipment or machinery to apply driveway sealant
  • Old or poorly maintained equipment will apply an un-even coat of sealant that results in negative effects on your driveway.
  • TOO THICK: The sealant will never cure properly and leave residue that can stick to shoes/boots. As a result, unsightly marks and foot prints will be tracked into your home or car.
  • TOO THIN: The sealant will be spread unevenly and subject to fading; leaving a driveway that may be concentrated in one area and faint in others


SEAL OF APPROVAL Is Equipped With The Best Driveway Sealing Equipment

We use a spray system that is current with the standards of today. Our equipment is well maintained and  SOA prides itself in only using top grade sealant. Below are a few key facts and points about what to expect when spotting shady businesses.

A common consumer mistake is believing a company that looks very professional with a large fleet of workers and vehicles is a company that can be trusted. This is an assumption based on the belief that higher prices and Don't trust these guys!corporate backing guarantees the best quality/service and peace of mind. In some cases this can be true but when it comes to Seal of Approval you will be paying a fraction of the cost and assured with the guarantee that a small crew of dedicated workers will be far more superior then summer students. Most students are looking to make a little extra money rather than take pride in their workmanship.

If Its Too Good Of a Deal, Its Not a Good Deal

As mentioned above, there are many fly by night sealers out there that will undercut any and every business. Investing in these contractors can save you money in the short term but do not guarantee long term quality and reliability. There are many easily identifiable traits of poor workmanship such as:

  • Over spray on interlock stone, car, garages and the exterior of your home
  • Low grade sealant that barely lasts a year with little to no protection of the asphalt
  • “Water downed” sealant that can deteriorate the asphalt causing it to break down just as much or even worse than before. In many cases diesel fuel is used
  • Very light spray that will only last one year

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