Commercial Parking Lot Repair

Parking Lot Repair & Commercial Asphalt Patchwork and Crack Filling

Commercial Pavement Sealcoating

Renewing your parking lot with sealcoating is the best choice for protecting your investment. A coat of asphalt sealer has many benefits that improve the look of your blacktop, as well as protecting the bitumen from premature degradation and damage from the sun. After investing in repairing cracks and filling potholes, we recommend a thorough sealcoat to preserve the integrity of your asphalt parking lot and prevent further damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays


A freshly sealed and painted plaza complex

Commercial Asphalt Repair in the GTA

Seal of Approval is proud to offer top-quality asphalt repair and patchwork services to businesses and commercial clients all around the Greater Toronto Area. Extend the life of your business’ asphalt parking lot by repairing potholes and cracks before they become an even greater expense. See some of our previous work for yourself.

A commercial driveway and lot that has been freshly sealcoated and painted with reflective road paint.

Parking Lot & Parkade Line Painting

Need to freshen up the look of your business’ parking lot or parkade? Look no further. Seal of Approval offers parking lot line painting services for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. We take care of any custom work that you need (handicap spots, arrows, personalized spots) 


Parking Lot Crack Filling

Cracks in parking lots and large areas of asphalt are inevitable, especially when pavement is exposed to brine and the repetitive freeze-thaw cycle as seasons change. When left unchecked, cracks in asphalt pavement can grow and spread, leading to potholes and tripping hazards for your customers walking to and from their vehicles.


We offer professional, rubberized crack filling (highway grade) solutions for any size of asphalt parking lot. Keep your parking lot safe and prevent potholes by getting cracks filled as soon as they appear.

A freshly painted accessibility parking space outside of a barbershop

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