Our Driveway Sealing Process

We Take Pride In Our Industrial-Grade Sealing Process

Thorough preparation is essential in starting any driveway sealing project, we make sure to spare no detail when ensuring that we deliver our customers our best work, starting with a thorough preparation process for your driveway.

Cleaning Your Driveway

Our Sealing Technicians start by removing all dirt and debris from your driveway. A strong bristled push broom will eliminate any stubborn dirt/mud stains. A powerful leaf blower is then used to ensure a clean driveway before beginning the sealing process.

Seal of Approval is also proud to offer lawn edging on any overlaying grass to provide a clean and symmetrical looking driveway. This assures our customer that every inch of there driveway will be evenly sealed and covered.

A man with a wooden broom sweeps a freshly repaired asphalt driveway

Application of Commercial-Grade Driveway Sealant

Once the edging is done and the asphalt is clean we will carefully seal the perimeter of the driveway. It is as important to us, as it is to the home owner, that we do NOT overspray anywhere the sealant is not supposed to be sprayed such as stone, sidewalk, interlock etc.,

Spraying A Driveway With Sealant

We Take Care When Repairing And Sealing Your Driveway To Leave It Looking Brand New

Sealing Provides Long-Lasting Driveway Protection That Looks Great

When applied carefully and professionally, a good coat of commercial-grade sealant on asphalt leaves you with a new looking driveway; and more importantly a driveway that is protected with an extended life span.

Before Sealing

A driveway in need of a coat of sealant next to a groomed front lawn leading up to a two-story house with two garage doors. The words at the bottom read “Seal of Approval”

After Sealcoat applied by SOA

A freshly sealed asphalt driveway leading up to a two-story house with two open garage doors
Protect Your Driveway and Asphalt Walk