10 Benefits Of Lawn Aeration

Top 10 Reasons To Aerate Your Lawn

Aeration Benefits


I wanted to break down why aeration is helpful, and necessary with making your lawn optimal.

The more you understand about aeration the happier you will feel when you see the results!

Thatch And Dead Tufts Are Broken Up

You know that yellow area on your lawn where the grass looks knotted? Well, that is grass’ evil stepbrother thatch. Thatch doesn’t like grass and prevents your lawn from breathing.

Those yellow areas on your lawn are not only an eye sore but are also are a barrier that prevents your lawn from the uptake of water, oxygen and fertilizer. Thatch essentially BLOCKS these three crucial components (water, oxygen, fertilizer) from penetrating your soil. Without core aeration it will be difficult to see any benefits from watering, fertilizing, or over seeding.

A photo showing three layers of sod, the soil line, thatch, and clippings

The outcome: A waste of time and money; two very important things that we do not like to waste. Annual mechanical core aeration effectively eliminates this problem by breaking up the thatch barrier while the soil cores lift micro-organisms to the surface which speed up the decomposition of the remaining thatch.

The end result: Your lawn having a great chance to thrive because the soil is open to water, oxygen, and fertilizer. In time the healthy grass will outgrow his evil brother thatch

Reduces Soil Compaction & Improve Soil Structure

Aeration is the only proven method for reducing topsoil compaction. Hard, compacted soil will result in pooling of water and an insufficient transfer of oxygen and nutrients. You see, beneath your lawn the soil needs to breath. Soil that is hard and compact will be very difficult to absorb water, oxygen, grass seeds or fertilizer effectively.

Aeration saves you money

Spend a little bit of money on aeration to save you lots of money on over spending on maintenance.
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Free Top Dressing for your Lawn!

After the aeration is complete there will be thousands of grass plugs all over your lawn. You may feel that it is necessary to have them raked and bagged. On the contrary, these plugs act as a top dressing for your lawn.

In time, the cores will dissolve back into your lawn from rain and mowing. During this time they will help preserve moisture in the turf.

A handful of cylindrical pieces of soil called cores left after using a lawn aerator.

Your Lawn Can Absorb More Water

Hard, compacted soil leads to a shallow root system. When this happens it becomes difficult for your lawn to absorb water. You may even notice water pooling on top of your lawn. Most of the water evaporates and does not get deep into the core of your lawn.Core aeration removes plugs from your lawn and allows more water to absorb deep in the soil.

The end result: Water retention. Aeration promotes deep root growth which gives your lawn greater drought tolerance during the summer.

A patch of grass with deep puddles of water left over from overwatering from the rain, or a sprinkler

Save on the Cost of Watering your Lawn

When your lawn lacks the ability to absorb water it ends up sitting on top of your lawn. The roots below then become hard and dry. After aeration, your lawn will be able to absorb more water which will result into minimizing the time you put your sprinkler on.

The end result: You will save time watering your lawn, and more importantly you will save money on your water bill

The outcome: Save up to 25% on your water bill over the summer!

A woman holding stacks of 100 dollar bills
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Aerating your lawn helps defend against weeds and disease

Aeration keeps your lawn healthy by allowing water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the root level promoting new growth. The new turf growth will fill in patchy spots in the lawn and thereby crowd out weeds attempting to spread.

The end result:  You will have thicker grass and with thicker grass you will have a lesser chance of weeds poking their heads out. Also remember you wont have to spend a whole afternoon plucking weeds.

Control Insect Infestations in your lawn by removing thatch

Insects thrive in thick thatch build-up. As the aerator punches thousands of holes into the thatch layer, it breaks down the ideal environment for insect infestations.

The end result: You wont have dug out holes on your lawn from racoons digging up the grubs for a late night snack

Grass Seed & Fertilizer Can Penetrate the Soil More Effectively

To optimize your fertilizer uptake it is essential to have your lawn aerated first. This will allow you to have a greater chance of the fertilizer being effective because it will target where it’s needed the most; at the root level.

When you have thousands of finger sized holes all over your lawn from aeration it helps the seeds find a home where they can flourish. The new grass seeds will turn into new turf.  As mentioned earlier, the thicker your lawn, the better chance you have of minimizing weed growth. With holes all over your lawn this is a great way to maximize your growth outcome!

Aerating Increases the Value of Your Property and Curb Appeal

Seal of Approval has worked with a handful of realtors. We offer our services to realtors because they now the importance of curb appeal. There are many ways to increase curb appeal and one of these ways is from aerating. I have had some realtors say that the look and health of a lawn speaks a lot about how you care for your house. A property with a thick, beautiful green lawn will sell for up to 10% higher than the identical house with a weedy, brown lawn in the heat of summer.


The end result: All and all you will be promoting a positive impression of your home to the neighborhood, and interested buyers. At the very least you will make your neighbours jealous of your gorgeous lawn.

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