Why Choose Seal of Approval For Lawn Aeration?

What Makes A Good Lawn Aeration Company?

When it comes to lawn aeration many people may thing “there is no difference between one company and another company” or, “I’ll go with the cheaper company”. These are both valid opinions. A few years ago I would probably agree with you!

I want to explain why we are different. I want to explain what the difference is between lawn aeration companies.

It is possible that you can maybe save $10 – $15 if you shop around. The question you should ask yourself is “Will I be getting the same service and result as SOA?” and more importantly, “can I trust the ‘cheaper’ company to do an effective job and not damage my property”. Below you will find some tips that will help you in knowing why we are amongst the elite when it comes to core aeration.

Why Should You Choose Seal of Approval for Lawn Aeration?

We Use Superior Machines

We use cam driven aerators that produce as much as 25-40% more plugs per square foot than most of our competitors

We Provide a Superior Service

If you book us, we will come. Not only will we be there when we say, we will be accommodating to your schedule. Lawn aeration is a service that gets done 1-2 times/year. This is why we are looking to build lifelong relationships with our customers. In my opinion, there is no reason to do a job that is not 100%

We Offer Superior Pricing

Our unique routing system ensures maximum efficiency.  We are able to pass these cost savings to our customers. Most lawns are priced between $55-$125 (front and back).  Extremely small lawns may be slightly less and larger properties may be more.

Does It Matter if I Pay Less for Lawn Aeration?

In life we want to save money and if we could dictate price on what we pay for we would all be very happy. Although, if we went this route our economy would suffer. With aeration you can most definitely shop around and find a better deal. We have access to the internet which makes it even easier to search.

What most people do not consider is service, quality, and safety.


When you contact Seal of Approval we will do our best to schedule an appointment that will include a free estimate and lawn care evaluation.  


We use the state of the art core aeration machines. When hiring Seal of Approval you will benefit from getting the most plugs per square foot


 Safety for our customers is of the utmost importance. With regards to lawn aeration our safety concern is your property. Since our machines are very powerful and go about 3 inches in your lawn we make sure to mark any spots on your property where there may be cables, sprinklers, or anything else that may be damaged. 

More Plugs plus Deeper Plugs lead to Positive Results

Remember, sometimes paying the best price will connect you with a company or individual who will overlook these VERY important safety hazards. I’m sure the last thing you want is a damaged sprinkler system, or destroyed cable wire and then never finding the company/individual who broke it in the first place.

If you have any questions regarding lawn care, property care, and home renovations feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. We pride ourselves in being able to assist and suggest any help or tips when it comes to people’s homes.

What Do I Need To Aerate My Lawn?

Aerating a lawn can take a toll on your body. When you have companies out there aerating all day, and all month it gets tough. Many of the bigger companies have crews that work for them. What you get are inexperienced students who are trying to make a quick buck before they go back to school. I have seen many cases where somebody has aerated a lawn and it is not fully complete. They do a few quick passes, the customer thinks it looks good and the deal is done.

Seal of Approval is a small company of only 3 individuals. We aerate every lawn as if it is our own lawn. No exceptions. You can be sure that pride is taken in everything we do. Customer retention is of the utmost importance to SOA!

What Can I Expect After Aerating My Lawn?

A good lawn aeration job should have plugs removed every 2″- 3″, no less. A fast inexpensive job will have gaps between each pass of 8″ to as much as a foot or more.  They will get the job done in half the time because they have only done half a job, and that is why you paid half the cost.

The type of aeration equipment used can determine how effective the treatment will be. In general, turf responds best when core holes are close and deep. Equipment with hollow tines removes soil cores and equipment with open tines divots the soil surface.

Be sure not to have a company use solid tines. Solid tines will only poke holes in your lawn rather than pulling out the cores.The best results for your lawn are when hollow tines are used. Our tines are always kept in pristine condition so they are effective when we do our passes up and down your property.

A close up image of metal tines for an aerator machine.

Use the Right Tines for the Job

High quality lawn aeration tines are essential in providing a complete and proper aeration of any lawn.

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